You Might Want to Watch the Movie Next Time

If you are going to interview some actors about their new movie, it might be a good idea if you watch the movie before you start asking the questions.

KWGN (Denver) Entertainment Reporter Chris Parente was caught with his pants down, while interviewing “The Skeleton Twins” stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig.

The former “Saturday Night Live” duo were being interviewed via satellite by Parente, when he joked that he was thinking about doing the rest of the broadcast completely nude, and asked Wiig for some pointers.

The actress and Hader were both clearly taken off guard by the non-sequitur. When Parente  interjected that he asked because Wiig goes full frontal in the film, they realized he was talking about a different project altogether.

“Welcome to Me” is the film Parente was thinking of, and while he tried to laugh himself out of his gaffe by joking along with the now hysterically laughing actors, they didn't let him forget that they knew he didn't actually see their movie. 

Let's go to the video:

H/T The Wrap