Rosie Says She Left 'The View' Because of Hasselbeck's Unborn Baby

Rosie O'Donnell now says that the reason she left the 'The View' the first time was because of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s unborn baby.

O'Donnell said she cut short her original contract after only eight months on the job because Hasselbeck was arguing for two and O’Donnell cared about the conservative’s health.

“I didn’t want to be paid to fight with a pregnant woman,” O’Donnell told the NY Daily News. “There was a fetus inside of her. A baby in there. That was like child abuse, to yell at a woman who was showing. So I said rather than do that, I’ll take the risk of being sued and pull myself out of the equation.”

O’Donnell assured us that this time around she expects heated debates with the show’s resident Republican, Nicolle Wallace, but will steer clear of red state-blue state debates if the former McCain-Palin adviser — who already has a 2-year-old — decides to have another baby.

“If she is pregnant I could guarantee you I won’t discuss politics,” O’Donnell said.

We'll believe that when we see it.