Crossing the Street in Buffalo

There was a time that no one in the Buffalo market would ever even think of taking a job at WKBW in Buffalo.

The station had been run into the ground by Granite Broadcasting and it's GM Bill Ransom was one of the worst GM's in the history of TV.

But, now that Scripps has purchased WKBW and is trying to bring the station back from the dead, some at the others stations are willing to jump ship.

WGRZ Weather Anchor Andy Parker was the first to cross the street to WKBW, were he once worked before and now another Buffalo newsie is headed to WKBW.

WIVB Reporter Ed Drantch is leaving the LIN station to become a night side Reporter at WKBW, starting Oct.13.

Drantch arrived at WIVB three years ago from WHSV in Harrisonburg, Va. and quickly developed a reputation as an aggressive reporter.

Channel 7 General Manager Mike Nurse said Drantch’s WIVB contract had expired. He added that WIVB had the right to match WKBW's  offer and declined.

“We have long been impressed with Ed’s relentless reporting and investigative style and are thrilled to add him to our growing family at 7 Eyewitness News,” said Nurse. “When I met with him, I was equally impressed with his passion and commitment to Buffalo and WNY. We have been very focused on building our new morning program but we saw this as an ideal opportunity to beef up our staff in the evening as well."

There was a time when everyone that worked at WKBW was doing their best to get the hell out of the place, now with new owners, the station is becoming the place to be in town.

How times have changed. 

H/T Buffalo News