Texas Photographer Helps Save Woman from Flood Waters

KTSM (El Paso) News Photographer Mike Wilburn did his job and also helped save a woman caught in raging flood waters.

Wilburn was shooting the scene when he heard screams out in the water. A woman was trapped in her car as the rushing water had pinned her against a wall.

Wilburn trudged his way through the water toward the voices, his camera providing the only light in the area.

Guys are trying to help the woman and tell Wilburn to put his camera down and help. Wilburn does help, but keeps the camera rolling.

"We could see she was pinned, I slipped and totally fell in the canal, too but kept my camera up." Wilburn said.

The men, including the Photographer work to push the truck away from her as she squirms and struggles. Then, some progress. She's able to free all but one of her legs.

The woman, looking exhausted, tells the men she's going to faint.

Then, a big smile crosses her face as she's finally freed.

Everyone is happy and the Photog had the entire ordeal on video.

The perfect story. 

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