Cannabis Reporter: Why I Quit

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Yesterday, FTVLive showed you the video of KTVA (Anchorage) Reporter Charlo Greene throwing down the F-Bomb and then quitting her job at the station.

Greene, who was a 4th place runner-up in Miss West Virginia/Miss USA pageant this year released another video to YouTube titled "Why I Quit."

The video is a rambling and reminds us what would happen if Willie Nelson and a motivational speaker got locked in the production suite. 

When Green said, "Fuck it, I Quit" the station quickly released a statement saying they were sorry for her language.

What the station should have really apologized for is having the founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club doing a story about vote to legalize marijuana in Alaska. 

Talk about biased reporting.

How long before Greene pops up on the Today Show? Just asking....

Here's Greene's latest video: