"Win With The Media"

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The St. Louis County and Municipal Police are offering up a class to officers that show them how they can "win with the media" after an officer involved shooting.

Using the events in Ferguson as their case study, attendees of the single-session training course will learn "essential strategies and tactics, skills and techniques that will help you WIN THE MEDIA" in the wake of a officer-involved shooting. And what's more, "you'll have fun doing it!" the class flyer boasts. "There is NO PowerPoint!" 

Topics covered may include: "Feeding the Animals" ("animals" being some sort of endearment for protesters or reporters?), "'No Comment' is a comment," "Managing Media Assault and Batter," and "Managing the media when things get ugly (think Ferguson)."

Of course, Ferguson showed if you can't "win the media" you just throw their asses in jail.

H/T Gawker