Oh CNN...You Just Can't Help it Can You

Sometimes you really wish that CNN could just do something right for once.

The used to be cable news network has become the butt of late night jokes and has no credibility left what-so-ever.

Yet, you still hold out hope, that maybe, just maybe they can turn it around.

Then CNN stumbles again. 

The latest screw up is minor, but just shows they can't even get the simple things right.

While airing developments in the story about Arizona Cardinals’ player, Jonathan Dwyer’s arrest, CNN displayed a graphic to show the recent domestic violence charges associated with NFL players.

Instead of the NFL Arizona Cardinals logo, CNN used the St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball team logo.

The bat that the cardinal is sitting on, should have been a dead give away that it wasn't the right logo. 

Of course, the screw up did let the people on Twitter have some fun:

Ouch! That last one hurt.