Raycom Stations Fall off DirecTV

53 Raycom owned stations fell off DirecTV in the latest retransmission pissing match.

Raycom went forward with its plan to remove its station signals from the DirecTV system after midnight on Sunday, issuing a statement that day which said it had been “working with DirecTV to resolve this issue” for three months but had reached an impasse.

According to a statement issued by DirecTV, Raycom was demanding more than twice as much in compensation.

“So when local broadcast stations, sports networks, and other channels want to be paid more for the same channels you already have, we’re going to do everything we can to minimize the impact to your monthly bill,” Mike White, DirecTV president and chief executive officer, said in a video posted on the Internet.

Look for this retrans fight to go until just before the NFL season kicks off, when then the two sides will come to an agreement.

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H/T Toledo Blade