Could This be the Start of a Very Long Run?

For us older people (I hate saying that), we can remember the days of Tom, Peter and Dan. Those were the network evening news anchors you could count on seeing on your TV each night.

Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather were like old faithful, you could trust that they would be there each night at 6:30, giving us the news.

But, then things got unstable in the network news game. Jennings died, Brokaw retired and Dan Rather just went bat shit crazy.

Since then, there has been all kinds of changes. ABC tried the duel anchor team Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas. Just into the experiment, Woodruff was critically injured in Iraq and ABC soon put Charles Gibson in the chair. Not long after that, Gibson was gone and replaced by Diane Sawyer.

Over at CBS, after Rather was pushed out, the network turned to Bob Schieffer. Schieffer was then replaced Katie Couric. Couric was pushed out and replaced by Scott Pelley.

NBC was the only one to complete and successful handoff. When Brokaw stepped down from the chair, he handed it off to Brian Williams and BriWi has been there ever since.

But, now with David Muir replacing Diane Sawyer, we could be going back to the future. It is likely that we might not see another network anchor change for a decade or longer. The current anchors could be the Peter, Tom and Dan of the future.

Scott Pelley is the oldest of the three at 57. There is no dount he could stay in that job until he's 70 at least. BriWi is 55 and looks like he's 45. David Muir is the baby on the block at just 40 years old.

As anyone that works in this business knows, there is no such thing as stability in TV news. But, this could be a long run without an anchor change network news.

Just like the old days.....

God, I sound like my grandpa.