12 Year Record Down the Toilet

It has not been a fun couple of days around the FTVLive World Headquarters. 

I told you yesterday, I had a bout with insomnia let me sleep less than an hour. My stomach never felt good yesterday and although I had a few bananas in the morning, I didn't eat by first meal of the day until 4:30.

I went to a local restaurant and got a plate of spaghetti, which I only ate about a quarter of.

When I got home, I started to feel really awful and decided to lay down. I felt like I might throw up. But, I have a record in that department that I did not want to lose. I had not thrown up since 2002.

Try as I might, the record is no more. I power chunked less than an hour after eating my spaghetti dinner. My 12 year record along with my dinner went down the toilet.

I still feel awful, but I'm hoping that I can start a new streak.

Check back in 2026 to see if I broke my old record.