"Too Many Naked People On TV"?

Amongst us interns, we're not sure there ever could be too many naked people on TV, but according to one group, that's the case.

The New York Post writes, "This is nipple gate - and then some."

Parent Television Council boss Tim Winters says, "We're not TV haters, we're not prudes - we're just trying to protect children."

The three shows PTC has their knickers in a knot over are: VH1's Dating Naked, TLC's Buying Naked and Discovery Channel's, Naked And Afraid.

Dating Naked is the subject of a $10 million lawsuit by a contestant who alleges her crotch wasn't pixilated during some wrestling on the beach. We're posting the pixilated version - but if you're really curious, a Google search will give you the full view.

Huh? You agree to be on a reality show naked, and then you're worrying about your hoo-ha being exposed?