The FTVLive Intern gets some Ink

FTVLive appreciates the newspapers, magazines and websites that give FTVLive props for some of the stories we post.

Then there are the sites that swipe stuff from us on a daily basis with no credit what-so-ever. But, that post is for another time.

The FTVLive Intern has been burning up the office printer, printing out a story that he was mentioned in on the International Business Times' website.

The story was about the David Letterman intern lawsuit and the IBT wrote: 

But in the end it was Musallam’s name on the complaint, and she told the Post she was surprised to find herself the “lone ranger” named as a plaintiff in the court papers. Following news of the lawsuit, the 26-year-old was harassed on Twitter and in media reports. The always-classy Daily Mail dug up old photos from her MySpace page, posting them presumably without permission. The blog mocked Musallam in an article bylined (ironically) by an intern. “Whatever happened to getting college credit and some experience to get a job from your internship?” the unnamed blogger wrote.

The FTVLive Intern is sending copies of the quote to all his family and redoing his resume to include his brush with fame.

As for us, we're getting ready to look for a new Intern. The FTVLive World Headquarters doesn't have room for egos....well.....except mine of course.