Former Philly Anchor Getting Jenna Wolfe's Old Job

FIRST on FTVLive!  When WTXF Fox Philly morning Anchor Sheinelle Jones signed off from the station back in March, she said it was to spend more time with her family.

Well, it appears that she has spent all the time with her family that she needs.

FTVLive hears that Jones will be getting Jenna Wolfe's old job at Weekend Today.

Earlier Today, FTVLive told you that Wolfe is becoming the new " lifestyle and fitness correspondent" at NBC News.

NBC is expected to name Wolfe's replacement next week.

Don't be surprised if it's Sheinelle Jones and of course remember where you heard it first.

By the way, don't tell anyone that Jones is going to be named Wolfe's replacement. It's supposed to be a secret...ok? NBC hates it when we scoop them on their own stories and we don't want them to get mad at us. 

Stay tuned....