Former Producer Files Lawsuit against 'The View'

A former Producer of 'The View' has filed a lawsuit against the show after she claims she was “abused,” downgraded to a shabby office and given poor job evaluations simply because she’s old, according to a new lawsuit.

Page Six says that Bernadette Piccolomini, 63, was “humiliated” after her younger boss, Scott Tucker, played favorites with workers his own age, lashed out at her and screamed, “I’m the boss!,” according to an age discrimination lawsuit filed against ABC in Brooklyn federal court on Aug. 28.

“The younger and less experienced Mr. Tucker commenced a course of abusive conduct against the older plaintiff,” according to the suit.

“Tucker engaged in a tirade, screaming and abusing Ms. Piccolomini,” court papers state.

Despite Piccolomini’s stellar performance, Tucker also gave her a poor performance review in October 2012 and assigned her to an office with no windows, the suit claims.

After she reported the alleged discrimination to higher-ups at ABC, the station made her choose between moving to an office in LA and losing her job, court papers state.

The television firm failed to “conduct a fair, prompt, and timely investigation,” according to the lawsuit.

Piccolomini had worked at ABC since 1981 . She began working for “The View” in 2000 and had always worked in New York, the suit claims.

She refused to relocate and was without work in September 2013. She now seeks $1 million.

Tucker is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

either Tucker nor ABC immediately returned calls for comment.