Former Fox News Anchor in the Eye of the Ray Rice Storm

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While NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does all he can to keep his job, one former TV Anchor has a front row seat to the action.

You may not know (or remember) that Goodell is married to former Fox News Anchor Jane Skinner.

Back in June 2010, Skinner announced on the air that she was leaving Fox News to spend more time with her family. It was 2 years after her husband  had taken over top NFL job, after Paul Tagliabue stepped down in 2008.

Skinner has mainly been off the radar since leaving Fox News.

The couple married in 1997 and has twin daughters. Daughters that we're guessing, Goodell will not let ride in an elevator with Ray Rice.

Here's one of FTVLive's favorite Jane Skinner bloopers when she was at Fox News: