About that Lawsuit? I'm Sorry...

On Tuesday, our FTVLive Intern told you the story about a former “Late Show” intern who recently sued David Letterman over unpaid wages.

Now, Letterman's former intern has issued a public apology — saying she was coerced by stupid lawyer tricks.

“I have nothing but respect for David Letterman and the whole organization,” a contrite Mallory Musallam told The Post. “I wore that internship as a badge of pride.”

The unemployed 26-year-old NYU graduate said attorneys from the firm Virginia & Ambinder — who have filed at least a dozen of similar proposed class action suits — pushed her into going after CBS and Letterman’s Worldwide Pants production company just four days after approaching her on LinkendIn.

In her apology letter to Letterman, the Oklahoma native explains, “While I am ultimately responsible for my actions as an adult, I was caught in a weak, vulnerable time, facing student debt.”

H/T Page Six