It's All About Me TV

Back in the day (God, I know I'm getting old when I say shit like "back in the day") TV news was about reporting the story with facts and leaving out any bias. My how things have changed (really? Did I just say "my how things have changed" now, I'm starting to sound like my grandmother).

Last night on NBC's Nightly News, Anchor Brian Williams pitched to a story on domestic violence. The story was done by NBC's Tamron Hall and she made her own story part of the piece.

Hall pointed out that her sister was killed in a domestic violence incident. When she tagged the story live you could tell that she was getting emotional. 

Anchor Brian Williams then thanked Hall for telling her personal story. 

I don't know about you, but I still miss the days when the story was the news and not the person telling the story.

Call me old, but I still like me news delivered without bias and dealing just with the facts.

Here's video of Hall's story from last night: