TV Newsie Writes Book

A Reporter who was taking a break from on-air work to focus on writing a novel has launched a website for the book.  The book's website is

"-30-", is a novel written by D. Myers, who has worked in the Columbus (OH), Beckley, Las Vegas, and Phoenix markets. The book, which one reviewer said is the Fifty Shades of local news, is based on a real-life experience Myers endured.

The book follows two characters, Shawn, a young reporter from Louisiana who is full of infidelity, and Joel, the print-turned-television reporter who befriends him.

In the dramatic story full of heartbreak and anxiety, Shawn cheats on his girlfriend with a viewer he met online. The girlfriend, also a reporter, is one of Joel's close friends and Shawn has no problem sexually manipulating him and using him to gain her back.

Full of sexual encounters and suicide attempts, the book pulls back the curtain and removes the smoke and mirrors of television news and shows that journalists are normal people with real world problems.

We're told that FTVLive gets a few mentions in the book as well. 

It goes on sale September 15.