He Has to Be The Unluckiest Weatherman in the World

The last time we heard from former Philly Weatherman John Bolaris, he was getting conned out of over $43,000 by two Eastern European "bar girls" in Miami, waking up in the back of a cab with a large painting that he supposedly bought.

You would think after an episode like that, you might be cautious about getting in a cab again. 

Well, it appears that he did learn his lesson.

In the latest edition on Bolaris' Taxi Cab Confessions, Bolaris says a cab driver in the Hamptons used a stun gun on him during a dispute.

The weatherman said he and his fiancee were leaving a restaurant in downtown Montauk over Independence Day weekend and hailed a cab to go back to their hotel and watch a movie.

When the taxi pulled up, another group of people ran over, Bolaris said, and the driver said he was taking the new party. That led to a dispute.

"I said, 'I just hailed you down,' " Bolaris said. The meteorologist said he then asked the cab driver to take both groups. The cabbie yelled at Bolaris to get away from the cab.

"The next thing I know, he gets out of the cab, slugs me and then Tasers me," Bolaris said. "It happened really quick. I had no idea he was getting out of the cab."

He said police arrived quickly and took the driver into custody. Bolaris ended up with a burn mark on his chest from the stun gun, he said.

The driver was charged with felony assault, harassment and other offenses. At a court hearing, the cabbie's attorney said he acted in self-defense, according to the newspaper.

"I happened to pick the wrong cab," Bolaris said. 

He seems to do that a lot.

H/T Philly.com