Our Bad.... This was an Actual News Story

FTVLive got an email yesterday from Carlton Houston the News Director at KFOR in Oklahoma City.

A couple of days ago, FTVLive posted a story that KFOR was going to be building a brand new station from the ground up. Someone in OKC sent along a link to the KFOR website announcing the new studio.

FTVLive really thought the link was a station press release, the same type of link that we are sent hundreds of times a week. Most often with press releases, will pull out the information and post it on the site. 

As you know, FTVLive is fanatical about crediting the sources where we get our stories. We have stories ripped off from us on a daily basis, so we know exactly how it feels.

But, we were sure that this was a press release and obviously we would not credit a press release.

Carlton wanted us to know that this was a news story and shame on us for not giving credit to KFOR on a story about KFOR's plans to build a new building. 

I went back and looked at the story again. He's right....it was an actual news story! 

KFOR wasted viewers time to announce that they were in the very early planning stages on building a new studio. We have to wonder why the hell would the viewers give a crap about that?

I can see it now, you know honey I was going to turn on KOCO's newscast, but then I remembered that KFOR is going to build a new station....we NEED to watch them instead. 

Other than the people that will work in that station, who cares about a new building? Just saying...

Carlton also wanted me to know that FTVLive used a badly out of focus picture that looked like it was taken with a 1992 flip phone and did not credit that picture to KFOR (By the way the awful out of focus picture below is from KFOR and FTVLive had nothing to do with it).

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 7.52.58 PM.png

The staff in the photo are wearing hard hats, even though the station admits the new building is in the early planning stages. Not sure why they needed hard hats for a staff meeting, but hey. 

FTVLive wants to publicly apologize to Carlton Houston for thinking that his suck up story he ran on the newscast was a PR release but and not an actual news story.

FTVLive has pulled down the original story that told you all about KFOR's new planned station and how great it would be. That story no long exists on FTVLive.com and the new studio will never be mentioned again on this website. 

We wanted to include a picture of Carlton in this story, so we Googled "Carlton" and this is what we got. 

We are not sure if this is the same Carlton. If not, we apologize for that as well.