This is Why You don't Use Viewer Submitted Photos

TV stations love to try and get viewers involved with social media and engaged with the station. You can thank the TV consultants for that. 

Newscast after newscast, you hear anchors asking viewers to send them their photos or upload them to the station's social media accounts.

The big story in Toledo has been the contaminated drinking water. WTVG asked viewers to submit their photos on the contaminated water.

One viewer submitted a doozy and it wasn't long before WTVG sent the photo out on Twitter:

The bright green water sure told the story better than any news story could.

But, there was just one problem. The picture came from a 2013 article in National Geographic that had nothing to do with Toledo or the city's drinking water. In fact the photo was taken in China.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 6.20.19 PM.png

Now my geography might not be the best, but I'm fairly certain that China is more than a few miles from Toledo.

If this was Nickelodeon, I would say that WTVG just got slimmed.  

Just saying.... 

H/T Romenesko