One For the Record Books

The summer months are supposed to be the slow time for TV viewing and web surfing. TV stations see viewership decrease and websites see visitors decline in the summer time.

Well.... not all websites.

Despite what is supposed to be the "slow time" just posted our best month ever in July.

FTVLive continues to grow traffic at a pace that even we are astonished by, but we never figured that July would go down as our best month ever.

A huge thank you to you guys for spreading the word about this site and even a bigger thank you to the awesome sponsors of this site.

FTVLive has only taken sponsorship from the best companies in and around TV news. We are one of the very few websites that has turned down ad dollars because we didn't believe in the company. 

The sponsors of this site are the best of the best and they are the ones that make this all possible.

Thanks for a great month!