Another San Antonio Anchor Starts Crying on Set

Earlier this summer, KSAT’s Isis Romero, who gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, apologized to her viewers on Facebook. “My apologies everyone,” she wrote. “We did a story about a 4 month old baby that got burned by fireworks, and then a story about another baby who was left abandoned on a subway platform, and I just couldn’t get through it. As a mommy-to-be, my heart just couldn’t take it. Those poor, precious babies. Thanks to Steve (Spriester) for jumping in for me.”

Viewers really reacted to Romero and reached out to her for showing her feelings on air. 

Fast forward to this week and another San Antonio Anchor broke down during the newscast. This time it was on WOAI. Randy Beamer came to the rescue of  Evy Ramos earlier this week when Ramos became "too emotional" to finish a story about two young children seriously injured in an automobile accident. 

Viewers who saw the TV moment wrote on Ramos’ Facebook page that her very human reaction only endeared them more to the anchorwoman.

“Thank you guys for your kind comments,” she responded. “It is always tough for me to talk about stories that involve sweet little children. I have three of my own, and it just hurts. I don’t like to lose my composure like that, but it happens.”

The anchorwoman, who came to WOAI-TV from California just last May, said she usually avoids such moments by preparing in advance. She’ll read this sort of tragic story before the broadcast, “so I can let it all out;” you know, steel herself for the news.

This time, however, the emotions took over.

And viewers seem to love it. 

H/T San Antonio Express News