Very Hot Rumor! Vice Media Acquiring HLN

OK, I want to give you guys a very hot rumor that I'm hearing but have not been able to confirm it from a second source.

FTVLive hears that Vice Media is acquiring HLN and that the deal will be announced in the next couple of days. Word is that Time Warner would still hold a stake in HLN, but it would be a minority stake in the network. 

If this is in fact true, expect HLN to break away from CNN. Word is that Vice will basically tell everyone that is not under contract that they will have to re-apply for their jobs.

At this point FTVLive only has this from one source and has not been able to nail down confirmation from a second source.

But, our single source on the story says the deal could be announced as early as tomorrow.

REPEAT: This is a rumor that the deal is done. FTVLive has not confirmed the story through a second source.

Stay tuned.....