Turner Buyout List Tops 600

Staffers at CNN/HLN and other Turner properties have received an email from the beancounters about the proposed buyouts the company is offering.

Sources tell FTVLive that those that are eligible for the Turner buyout received an email with the information. 

Attached to the email is a sample document of what the employees who accept the "separation" will have to sign. It's a 26 page document-- the first 6 or 7 are contract, the last 19 are one long list without names of every employee position 55 and over for Turner in the US.

Word is the list has generic titles like "producer," which you have no clue who that is and you could never trace back. Then there are specific titles like EVP of some dept that you can easily figure out who that is.

There's a column indicating eligibility...some with Y and others, N, because either, we assume, they're under contract or have been at Turner less than 10 years.  

There are somewhere in the vicinity of 650 positions of which a little under 1/3rd are CNN.

After CNN figures out how many people will take the buyout, they will then know how many more they will have to layoff.

The number will be significant. 

Stay tuned....