Did CNN Get Pranked on Shooting Audio?

In a TV news world of put on the air first and verify it later, CNN may have taken another shot (pardon the pun) to their already shaky reputation.

At least two law enforcement experts who expressed strong doubts about the authenticity of a purported audiotape of the shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

Even CNN's own law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said, “When I heard this yesterday, I thought the exact same thing — it’s a hoax.”

CNN did not do much to try and verify the authenticity before Don Lemon broadcast the audio on CNN with the "breaking news" and "exclusive" banner proudly displayed. 

This isn't the first time CNN has rushed something to air before vetting the information. John King spent a large chuck of time talking about an arrest made in the Boston Marathon Bombing case that never happened. 

This could end of being another black-eye to a network that doesn't need anymore negative press.

H/T Washington Post