Did Al Sharpton Lie to the Entire City of Chicago?

Like a moth to a flame, Al Sharpton will go to where the TV lights shine brightest. 

A man is choked to death by NYPD, the media shows up to cover the story and it isn't long before Al Sharpton is there.

A cop shoots a black man in Ferguson and before the blood is even mopped up on the street, Al Sharpton is there.

Not many tune into watch Al Sharpton's show on MSNBC, so the Rev. Al goes to where the media is. It seems to help feed his giant ego and get as him much face time as possible. 

Not that long ago, the big story in the media was the gang violence and murders happening in Chicago. The media was widely covering the Windy City killings and of course, since the media was there, Al Sharpton was not far behind. 

Sharpton came to Chicago and promised a he would help end the gang violence and help stop the killings.

In a column last July, the Sun-Times Mary Mitchell quoted Sharpton saying “I am taking an apartment to put a spotlight on gun violence. Although voting rights and other things exist, our challenge inside is gun violence and putting the focus on ourselves.” Sharpton promised that, come September, he would “bring his MSNBC show to Chicago two or three times a week and interview people in the community. He also said he would get up in the morning to walk children to school.”

How many kids do you think Rev. Al has walked to school in Chicago? How many of his shows have you seen him do from Chicago? How many nights has Al slept in his Chicago apartment? 

Did Reverend Al Sharpton lie to an entire city? 

Or were there just not enough TV cameras for him to waste his time in the Windy City? 

H/T Chicago Mag