A Win for the Good Guys

Back on August 6th, FTVLive posted a video from WAND in Decatur, IL in which some idiot grabs the Reporter's mic and screams "f@#k her in the pu$$y."

The guy that yelled that into the mic was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and battery. 

After FTVLive posted the video on YouTube, WAND filed a copyright claim and had the video pulled.

FTVLive filed a counter claim showing that using this video had fallen under the fair use guidelines. We are happy to report that we won the claim and the video is now back on YouTube and WAND can go suck it for trying to get the video pulled in the first place.

By the way, we also won a counter claim by Hearst Television as well. FTVLive takes fair use and first amendment rights very seriously and we will continue to fight TV stations and ownership groups that try and silence the news.

Hard to believe that any station or group owner would be trying to censor news, but these are different times.

Here's the video that WAND does not want you to see or FTVLive to post: