Sinclair to Breathe Life into El Paso Station

If you're like me, you have always wanted to work in the big market of El Paso, but you just couldn't find a TV news job there.

Well, Today is your lucky day...... 

Sinclair is looking to breathe some life into El Paso's KDBC.

The company recently purchased KDBC, along with KFOX and is going to expand the station's news presence. 

For nearly five years, KDBC has broadcast its news programs from the corner of a studio inside a competitor, KTSM Channel 9, with little more than a desk, a chair and a news anchor.

But the CBS affiliate will soon move into a renovated Westside office building with KFOX and KDBC will once again have a studio, newsroom and sales force of its own.

“It’s a nice spin for El Paso because Sinclair, this huge broadcast company, has decided that El Paso is big enough and is healthy enough to come in here and invest,” said Kevin Hayes, general manager of KFOX, who will also run KDBC.

“For the first time in years, CBS is going to have their own set, their own control room, their own reporters, their own team,” Hayes said.

In addition, Sinclair is buying its two El Paso stations new live trucks and updating the stations’ graphics, including a new logo for KDBC. Hayes says KDBC on-air talent like longtime weathercaster Robert Bettes remain under contract with KTSM.

Hayes said Sinclair’s investment in El Paso, and the revival of KDBC, marks a major shift in the media landscape. It is also a vote of confidence by one the country’s biggest owners of local television stations in the El Paso broadcast market.

H/T El Paso Inc