Out the door at KNBC

KNBC's Keith Esparros was Assistant News Director at the station and many thought (including him) he was heir apparent to the ND when long time news director Bob Long retired in 2009.

However, Esparros was passed over in favor of the next three news directors, Vickie Burns, Steve Lange and the current news director Todd Mokhtari.  

Then Esparros moved from the Deuce job to special projects. Now, he's leaving the station altogether.

He sent out this internal email to the staff, obtained by FTVLive: 

From: Esparros, Keith (NBCUniversal, KNBC) 
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:29 PM
To: @NBC Uni KNBC Stories
Subject: party (that'll get your attention)

In my lifetime I have been invited to a lot of parties.   From the simple bayou crawfish boil to swanky affairs with live jazz bands and caviar bars.  And when it comes to parties I have steadfastly lived by three rules.   Number one,  never be the first to arrive.  Secondly,  always bring something (sparkling bon mots and/or strong spirits work best).  Finally, and perhaps most important, know when to leave.

After more than a decade here at NBC4, that time has come.  I have deferred some other projects for quite a long while, and the time has come to pursue them.

During my 10+ years at the Peacock, I have had the honor and distinction of working with some excellent journalists, and for that I am grateful.

My last full day in my current role will be August 29.

My departure will not be too sudden though.  I will still work on the upcoming election, returning to the office occasionally until after November 4.

In the meantime,  good luck, remember to always seek the truth, and of course, party on.