NBC Boss: David Gregory was Rehashing Old News

After saying that she supported David Gregory as the host of Meet The Press, NBC News boss Deborah Turness has finally come clean.

Turness admitted to the NY Times what everyone already knew, MTP under Gregory basically sucked.

Turness tells the Times that the show will go a different direction:

"Her new vision for “Meet the Press” includes adding a regular panel of journalists who will question guests, something of a return to the venerable show’s original format. “The show needs more edge,” she said. “It needs to be consequential. I think the show had become a talking shop that raked over the cold embers of what had gone on the previous week. The one-on-one conversation belongs to a decade ago. We need more of a coffeehouse conversation.”

So Gregory's show was one that was "raked over the cold embers."

Ouch! That's going to leave a mark.