Is Orlando Station Planning Anchor Changes?

Cox is one of the better companies that is left in TV news, but if they have a downfall, it is they are choked by research.

Cox won't change the paint color in the men's room at the station which fully researching it first and having a focus group weigh in. 

So, it is interesting that Cox owned WFTV in Orlando has quietly been conducting a survey with area viewers about a possible paring of anchors. 

The station has launched a research project on the pairing of Vanessa Echols and Jorge Estevez on the station's 4PM newscast. 

Echols has been the station's morning anchor since 1997 and it looks like WFTV is thinking about finally letting her sleep in. 

Here is screen cap of some of the questions that WFTV is asking viewers about pairing up the two.

Stay tuned....