CNN Anchor Missing (Updated)

Most of the time, it takes local stations or networks forever to make a personnel change; even if it appears a 'no-brainer' to everyone else. CNN apparently took some pretty quick action after a very unfortunate comment by one of their anchors.

As FTVLive reported last week, CNN's Rosemary Church wondered why police in Ferguson weren't using water cannons on protestors? Social media immediately lit up, as it should. Church is now missing from the air and replaced by Isa Soares. Hopefully, they gave Church a US history book about the civil rights era.

Church's co-anchor, Errol Barnett, was quick to welcome his new co-anchor on social media. More from Atlanta Daily World.

Now, if we could just get CNN to understand that no one west of NYC wants to watch international anchors in the evening.

Update: We can blame the Intern on this one (check the byline). He posted the story from the Atlanta Daily World and it did appear that Church was off the air for a few days but is back now. No word if those couple days off were planned, or was in regards to her comments?