Ex CIA Spy Turned Producer Hits KNBC With A Lawsuit

A former CIA spy and Emmy & Peabody winning producer filed a wrongful termination complaint against KNBC a day before an age-discrimination complaint is set to be heard.

Frank Snepp, who worked at the LA station for almost a decade, says Comcast started getting rid of older employees after acquiring NBCUniversal.

“Those targeted for elimination, invariably older employees, soon found themselves ‘marginalized,’ cut off from the station’s mainstream work or inhibited or harassed in doing it, then criticized in employee evaluations for allegedly not doing it, then finally terminated on some vague, trumped-up performance-related complaint,” the filing adds. To the Plaintiff and many of his colleagues at KNBC-TV the message was clear: Age was not welcome at the new NBC4.”

I don't know if the suits at NBC have done a Google search, but Snepp used to be a CIA operations analyst. He certainly isn't afraid of a fight. In fact he took on the US government over a Free Speech battle. Click here for that story.

Welcome to life in television, Mr. Bond.

H/T Deadline