Man Sentenced for Killing KC Reporter's Mom

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The man that was running from police and ended up smashing his car into a Kansas City Reporter's mom's car  and killing her was sentenced by a judge to over 22 years in prison.

KCTV Reporter Sandra Olivas was in the courtroom, not as a reporter, but as a victim. She told the court not how she lost just her mother, but also her best friend. 

Her 62-year-old mother, Graciela Olivas, was killed in February when a driver fleeing from Kansas City, Kan., police sped through a red light and plowed into the side of Graciela Olivas’ car.

“It was not the way my mom’s beautiful story was supposed to end,” Sandra Olivas testified before the other driver was sentenced. “She was happy and healthy one day and gone the next.”

Police attempted to pull over Stewart, 29, on Feb. 17 because he was wanted on a warrant for missing his sentencing in a drug case. He sped away, but only made it a few blocks before the collision.

He rammed the first new car that Graciela Olivas had ever owned, her daughter said. It was a Mother’s Day gift from two of her four children.

Following terms of a plea agreement approved by the Olivas family, a judge sentenced Christopher Bradley Stewart to 22 years and five months in prison.

H/T KC Star