Journalist Is Appalled By Industry Behavior In Ferguson

You've probably never heard of Ryan Schuessler, but he's now a 'big deal' in my book.

Ryan was in Ferguson as a contributor for Al Jazeera. He said what he saw being done, even by network correspondents, made him decide to leave. Some examples:

     - Journalists making the story about them (Could Don Lemon be the poster boy?)

     -  National correspondents glossing over the context and depth of this story, focusing instead on the sexy images of tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. (God forbid the story center on context)

     -  One reporter said he came to Ferguson as a 'networking opportunity." He later asked Ryan to take a picture of him with Anderson Cooper. (I would have chosen Sloan Sabbith)

Schuessler is a graduate of the University of Missouri. He said, "We should all be ashamed and I cannot do it anymore."

BRAVO, Ryan. Many of the national 'correspondents' can't do a story, unless it's about them - especially on the cable networks. I'll talk to the Boss and see if he has room for another intern here at FTVLive. In the meantime, hopefully someone will check out your background and see if you'd like to work for them given you have the gravitas to say what news executives should be enforcing. Ryan Schuessler

H/T Daily Caller