Going Back in Buffalo

Now that Granite is out as the owner of WKBW in Buffalo and Scripps is taking over, former staffers are returning to the station.

Last week, FTVLive told you that former WKBW Weather Anchor Andy Parker was returning to the station, now another one has decided to as well. 

Laura Gray is coming back to the Anchor the morning and Noon newscast. She worked at the station for 5 years, but left in 2011 for a PR job and to get the hell away from Granite.

FTVLive told you earlier this month that the station had blown out the morning anchors Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg after only a year. 

Now, Gray returns to TV news and the station that is trying to turn itself around after being decimated by Granite Broadcasting. 

"We saw someone with Laura who has a good news presence, is local and is committed to the market," GM Mike Nurse said.