What Would Happen if the Media Left Ferguson?

It can easily be said that the media are in Ferguson because that's where the news is.

But, what would happen if every member of the media left Ferguson?

I'm betting that the protests and unrest would stop completely. 

Ask yourself, would people come out and march up and down the street if there was no media there to cover them and put their faces on TV? 

No doubt, the media should be in Ferguson to report what is happening, but IS what's happening because the media is there?

I was in the middle of the 1992 LA Riots, where 52 people were killed, over 2,000 injured and hundreds of building were burned to the ground. 

Those riots lasted 6 days.

In Ferguson we're 11 days and counting.

If the media wasn't there, would this still be going on?

I'm on vacation, so I will let you guys ponder that question.