If You Work At Turner, Dust Off Your Resume

It's going to get ugly at CNN Center. Turner Broadcasting CEO John Martin says they're preparing the "Turner 2020" Plan.

             "We’ll start 2015 a more streamlined, nimble and efficient company focused on driving programming, monetization and innovation, in a culture that emphasizes and rewards continuous improvement."

Translation? Many of you will lose your job.

The "Turner 2020" Plan sounds a lot like Jeff Zucker's "NBC 2.0" and we all know how that turned out. Just for laughs, let's revisit:

              "Jeff Zucker is a terrific talent and the right person to guide NBC Universal on the         next stage of its growth, The entertainment arm has "real business momentum" and the future for NBCU is bright." Zucker said the company is "well positioned for future growth" and promised to "take NBC Universal to the next level."

He took it to the next level alright. Ask Jay Leno and the affiliates about the 'level' of their prime time during that era?

H/T Capital New York