The Intern Is In Charge

FTVLive CEO Scott Jones is on a golf hiatus. And just like at most networks and TV stations, management has left the Intern in charge (I'm sure that's still a sore spot for the folks at KTVU). The first thing we're going to do is use correct spelling. After that, well, given this is the most powerful blog in the industry, we're taking bribes to write positive stories. After all, interns don't get paid and we're certainly not going to pick up chicks by bragging we're writing for FTVLive! Therefore, the most amount of $ or best 'freebie' will get the best story. It's just like the GSM coming into the ND's office after some advertiser plunks down 'new money'. Trust me, Scott will never know and after all, I get all the emails and pick up the mail this week anyway. Let's begin!!!