CNN Covered Actual News and it Was Good

Hey guys, it's me Scott. OK, I admit it, I can't stay away from FTVLive longer than a day.

But I wanted to throw some props to CNN.


Some people (i.e. Jeff Zucker) think that I have it out for CNN and that I'm always trying to slam the network every chance I get.

That simply is not true, I try to praise networks that do it right and criticize them when they don't. To be honest, CNN hasn't done much right lately and it is hard to find something to give them props for.

But, I found something and I wanted to take time from my vacation to give CNN some credit for getting it right.

This past weekend, I was flipping through the channels and while the guide had listed "The Sixties" playing on CNN, when I tuned into the channel I was shocked to see actual news coverage. 

CNN's Poppy Harlow was on the air covering the tensions in Ferguson and the latest developments. Wow! News on the cable news was like old times. No Parts Unknown, The Hunt or The Sixties, but some real honest to goodness news coverage. 

The coverage was well down with some interesting interviews and a good mix of both sides to the Ferguson unrest.

In fact, when I tuned in again on Sunday, it was Poppy Harlow again covering news. The coverage was very good and well produced.

CNN has wanted me to "Go There..." and I did. 

It was a job well done and I wanted to point it out.

Now, I'm headed back into the pool.