Oh..... He's Definitely Out the Door

Last week, FTVLive told you that WPIX (New York) News Director Mark Effron was told by the station that his services were no longer needed.

After our story, Tribune PR person Jessica Bellucci, emailed FTVLive this comment,  "To set the record straight, Mark returns to the station on Monday (Today) he's out of the office this week due to his father's passing."

So did FTVLive get the story wrong?

No we didn't.

Impeccable sources tell FTVLive  Effron has been told that he is being let go from the station. He has been told that he can stay on for a few more weeks, but in the end he's leaving the station. 

Our source says that Effron will be gone in the fall.

Sadly, Effron's Dad recently passed away and while dealing with all that, the poor guy also has to deal with the fact he is soon losing his job.

Sometimes this business sucks, no matter who you are.

We wish Mark well in his next endeavor. 

As for the Tribune PR person emailing us some quote, but not giving us the REAL story? That's why we tried to deal as little as possible with station PR people.