WV Station Bans Coverage of Candidate that Criticized TV News

File this one under what goes around, comes around....

Back ion 2013, former NBC and CBS News Reporter Ed Rabel wrote a very critical op-ed story in the West Virginia Gazette attacking local TV news and calling it a waste of time.

The piece ruffled more than a few feathers, especially at WCHS in Charleston. 

Now, Rabel is running as an independent for Congress in the state’s second Congressional District and insiders say that WCHS News Director Matt Snyder has banned all coverage of Rabel's campaign.

Being an ex-news guy, Rabel should have thought ahead. If he knew he was going to run for Congress, maybe, just maybe he shouldn't have pissed off the local media.

On the other hand, banning the coverage of a candidate, kind of proves what Rabel said in his op-ed piece is correct.

Just saying....