NBC to Name Chuck Todd to MTP at Any Moment

It appears that NBC is done letting David Gregory twist in the wind.

Although NBC bosses have said that they are sticking by David Gregory as the host of Meet The Press, rumors have swirled for months that he would be replaced.

While NBC has left Gregory hanging, ratings for the show have continued to fall.

Now, word is that NBC is expected to announce Today or Tomorrow that Chuck Todd will replace Gregory on MTP.

The problem is NBC is about to name another beltway insider that does not play in Peoria, or St. Louis or Chicago.

Todd is barely known outside of DC and it is more than likely he is not going to left the ratings. Todd is a safe choice and there is no doubt he is better than Gregory, but it is unlikely he will move the needle.

Expect and official announcement from NBC News at any moment. 

So much for doubling down on David Gregory.