Hey CNN, When is a Riot a Riot? Just asking....

The dictionary defines a "riot" as "a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd."

By that definition, it would sure seem that riots have broken out in Ferguson, MO. 

Yet, not everyone wants to call what is happening in Ferguson, "a riot."

Brian Stelter, host of CNN's Reliable Sources, tweeted out that CNN has "wisely" avoided using the word "riot" in their reporting:

Is it really "wise" not to use the plain and simple term of exactly what is happening in the Missouri town?

Shelter says that almost no other media are using the term "riot' in their reporting. Except for the AP, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, countless Local TV and radio stations and a number of newspapers, Stelter is right....no one is using the term. 

Oh! We should also include CNN's Don Lemon who works at....get this....CNN.

The verb definition of "riot" is "take part in a violent public disturbance."

Isn't that exactly what has been happening in Ferguson? 

Maybe CNN should "wisely" just report the news and the facts.

Just saying.....