Twin Cities Anchor Getting Out of the TV Business

You can stick a fork in KARE Morning Anchor Tim McNiff.

He's done. 

After more than two decades at KARE, Tim McNiff is saying goodbye to the station and the TV business.

McNiff announced earlier this summer he was leaving to become executive director of media relations for the Minnetonka-based communications firm Media Minefield. He signs off from the station on Friday. 

"I look at this as I grew up wanting to be on TV here in the Twin Cities and I accomplished that and I lived that dream," he said. "Now I'm going to be able to go into the business world, and I'm going to help people accomplish their dreams."

He added: "I just want people to understand, nobody's running me out the door (at KARE); nobody was kicking me out," he said. "I made a conscious decision to move on and try something else. I'm really looking forward to it.

Like all morning anchors that leave that shift, McNiff says the one thing he will not miss about the job is getting up at 2AM.

We don't blame him. 

H/T Pioneer Press