CBS Revels Rory McIlroy's iPhone Passcode

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 12.15.47 PM.png

Yesterday during the PGA Championship, some bad weather moved in and play was suspended. CBS was stuck trying to fill over an hour with no golf action. 

At one point they showed world no. 1 and eventual PGA Champion Rory McIlroy sitting in the clubhouse.

McIlroy did not know he was on TV and picked up his iPhone and then entered his passcode on the lock screen.

He ended 4589 which also happens to be his birthday, May 4, 1989 (Note: Europeans record dates differently than Americans and list it by day, month, year.) . It wasn't long before the Twitterers was sending out Rory's iPhone passscode.

“Rory’s iPhone” was soon trending on Twitter.

Rory saw the tweets and sent out one of his own:

Not that having McIlroy's iPhone code is really worth anything, unless you actually had his iPhone. But, if he used such a predictable passcode for that, we're guessing it might be the same on his ATM card. That account could be worth millions.

Just saying....