The News Story of the Summer

We are well into summer and it does not appear that we have a son of summer yet. Past songs of summer have been 'Party in the USA' and Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'.

And while we don't have a song of summer just yet, we do have a news story of summer.

Each year, there is one story that TV stations love to harp on over and over again. A few years ago it was the West Nile Virus. Remember how we were all going to die from that one. West Nile is still around, but TV stations have grown bored of the story and you rawly see anymore reports on it.

Then there was the summer of shark attacks. It seemed like anyone that went into the water was attacked by a shark. 

So what is the story this summer?

It's kids left in hot cars. Stations all over the country and doing hot kid car stories and it does not seem to be letting up.

Stations in Georgia have been covering the stories so much that the state is putting up signs on the highway to remind them not to leave Junior baking in the backseat.  Malls and grocery-stores in Georgia have security guards checking backseats of cars in parking lots.

By the way, if you need a sign to remind you not to leave your kid in the car, then maybe you shouldn't be a parent. 

WTLV in Jacksonville stuck a Thermometer in the back seat of a car to show....get gets hot.

KUSA in Denver did one better. They put a block of ice in a car and streamed in melting live on the station's website. 

The news story of summer is definitely the hot kid in the car.

Now, we could just get a good song for summer, we would be all set.