Heads Up to News Managers, GM's and Corp. Types

I want to give a heads up to any News Directors, General Managers and/or Corporate people.

If you want to implement layoffs, or fire anyone, Thursday or Friday will be the best day to do it.


Because starting Thursday morning, FTVLive's editorial, sales, IT and social media team is taking a couple of days off.

Of course, all those positions are the responsibility of one person.....Me!

I'm taking off a few days from my digital life.

I don't want to do it, but on the advice of others and to help my own sanity, I need to go analog for a bit.

I haven't taken a vacation day in quite a longtime and I'm going to do that on Thursday and Friday. I can assure you that it is going to kill me not to update FTVLive. I know how many of you count on FTVLive for your inside scoop and it will pain me not to provide that for the next few days. 

But, a few days away from my computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone will be a welcome relief.

I really am going to try and not use any of those devices for the next couple of days and recharge my internal battery. 

So, if you need to get ahold of me, go ahead an email and I will get it when I return. Or you could try carrier pigeon as another option. 

This will be a chance for managers to fire people, anchors to get busted for DUI and Reporters and Photographers to screw up. 

You have the heads up....so go crazy.

But be warned, FTVLive will be back to full strength Monday morning.

Recharged, refreshed and ready to muckrake. 

Stay tuned....