No Sick Time without a Doctor's Note

It appears that a number of staffers have been calling in sick at Raycom owned WTVM in Columbus, GA.

News Director Darryl Huger sent out a couple of emails, telling the staff that if you're going to call in sick you need a doctor's note. In Huger's email to the staff he writes that "...all vacation and sick time is approved at a manager’s discretion." 

A number of station staffers do not have insurance, or a doctor's visit will cost them a $50 co-pay. Those staffers wonder if they have a nasty cold or just a stomach bug, do they really expect the station to require them to go to the doctor and pay them, just to get a note?

WTVM Assistant News Director Janell  Lewis followed up that question with another email to the staff: 

Lewis, Janell
Mon 7/7/2014 12:14 PM

No medical insurance or low funds do not make employees exempt from the policy…corporate’s answer is to go to a free clinic or ER.

Janell J. Lewis | Assistant News Director | WTVM-TV WXTX-TV

Really?! So staffers are supposed to clog the ER, all because the station wants a doctor's note?

No wonder why people are calling in sick and don't want to go to work at the station.